img_0002 You don’t need to purchase the most expensive itemAHC offers to be fabulous.

I may have a problem. I make shirts…for myself…daily. Sometimes hourly. Ooops! It’s the true tale of a small town clothing company owner who is obsessed with comfy, cozy, beautiful clothing.

It’s seriously driving my husband insane, but my most commonly used phrase is: “I do what I want.” I cannot help it! I have all these visions in my mind and when I get them out, I HAVE to put it on a piece of clothing.

The latest beauty was an idea from a great customer, Steffie Malbrough. When I tried it in foil I wanted to find a blank piece of clothing that was an extra at the shop. Somehow we end up with lots. I may or may not buy many extras in my size for these situations I found a long sleeve uni-sex tee, the brand that is THE one I use for all my orders, but somehow I don’t think I have one in my closet yet. The time is now!

Today is the day I’m wearing the uni-sex long sleeve tee posted above, and it is the most amazingly wonderful shirt. It fits great (remember, it’s a uni-sex shirt. You’ll want to size down from your women’s shirt size to look more put together, or stay the same size for a loose fit), is superbly soft and looks flattering. It’s safe to say, I’m in love. The best part for my customers is, it’s one of the least expensive options I offer for a piece of clothing.

I hope you check it out soon, and let me know your thoughts on it!

xoxo – Michelle

April 20, 2018 — Michelle Sanderson

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