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My manufacturer is making the pledge to STAND UP against child trafficking and exploitation. WILL YOU STAND WITH US?

Did you know that human trafficking is the fastest growing industry in the world, generating over $150 billion a year?

Did you know that every 30 seconds, a child is trafficked for sex, labor or organ harvesting?

Did you know an estimated 100,000 American children are victimized through sexual exploitation?

So the question isn’t IS this happening.
The question IS what are we going to do to STAND UP?

We made these custom earrings, just for this amazing cause! $1 from each pair sold will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

If you’ve never heard of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), I encourage you to look them up. I promise, you’ll be overcome with emotions, seeing the work this team does on a daily basis. OUR has saved 4,000 children since 2013. That’s 4,000 children rescued from an unimaginable world. Thank God for these amazing men and women that refuse to give up! Please take a minute to read about their mission here >> Operation Underground Railroad

Let’s do this! Let’s be a voice for the voiceless! #riseupforthechildren

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