Q: What is the Loyalty Rewards point program? 
A: Simply put: earn points every time you order from the AHC website, and use them to redeem for free product!

Q: How do I earn points? 
A: Every purchase you make under your account earns you points. For example, an item costs $21. You will earn 210 points. Tax/shipping is excluded.

Q: How do I see how many points I have? 
A: Go under your account on the AHC website.

Q: How do I redeem points?
A: First, login to your account. When you are shopping, you will see a button next to the item that says "redeem for XX points." Click it! For example, an item that costs $21 will take 2100 points to redeem.

Q: Can I use partial points toward an item? 
A: Yes! To do so, you will need to purchase a gift certificate equivalent to the amount of points you have. Use that code to then apply it to the cost of your desired items!